1. EUR-ACE Accord – Press Release

    Share:FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitterMutual Recognition of EUR-ACE Labelled Engineering Degree Programmes Signing of Agreement Hôtel de Ville/Brussels Town Hall, Grand Place, Brussels 19 November 2014 ENAEE (European Network for Engineering Accreditation), with support from the EU Tempus programme, was founded on 8 February 2006, by 14 European associations concerned with engineering education. ENAEE...
  2. IETEC’17, 4-6 December 2017

    Share:FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitterCall for Papers and Contribution 4th International Engineering and Technical Education Conference (IETEC’17) Hanoi, Vietnam; 4-6 December 2017  http://ietec.apaqa.org/ Under the theme Engineering and Technology Education Quality Assurance: Embracing the Future See for more information here
  3. Mobility of Professional Engineers article

    Share:FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitterAn article by Peter Greenwood for the WFEO. Mobility of Professional Engineers It can also be found on the website of the WFEO committee on Engineering in Education. http://www.wfeo-ceie.org/publications.php