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The European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE) promotes quality engineering education across Europe and beyond, so that engineering graduates are fully equipped to tackle the issues and rigour that is demanded by modern engineering projects.

It does this by authorising accreditation and quality assurance agencies to award the EUR-ACE® label to accredited engineering degree programmes. ENAEE aims to enhance the quality of the education of engineering graduates and support their ability to fulfil the needs of economies and of society.

EUR-ACE® Label

ENAEE authorises accreditation and quality assurance agencies to award the EUR-ACE® (EURopean- ACcredited Engineer) label to their accredited engineering degree programmes. To be authorised, an agency must satisfy the standards in the EUR-ACE® Framework Standards (EAFS) document.

EUR-ACE® Database

The EUR-ACE® database is intended for individuals (students, academics, employers) looking for certified information on engineering programmes and institutions. It is an important component of a new pan-European database, the European Engineering Education Database (EEED). In this database you find…

EUR-ACE® Accord

On the 19th November 2014 in Belgium, 13 authorised agencies signed the EUR-ACE® Accord, whereby they accept each other’s accreditation decisions in respect of Bachelor and Master degree programmes which they accredit. They also agreed to make every reasonable effort to ensure that the bodies responsible 

EUR-ACE® Framework Standards and Guidelines

The EUR-ACE® Framework Standards and Guidelines (EAFSG) constitute the basis upon which authorisation to award the EUR-ACE® label is granted to quality assurance and accreditation agencies.  

They are intended to be widely applicable and inclusive so that they can be applied to all branches of engineering; and to reflect the diversity of engineering degree programmes in the EHEA, which provides the education necessary for graduates to enter the engineering profession and to have their qualifications recognised throughout the area.

It should be noted that ENAEE does not accredit engineering degree programmes. Using the standards specified in this document (EAFSG), ENAEE evaluates the policies and procedures implemented by accreditation and quality assurance agencies which have applied for authorisation to award the EUR-ACE® label to the engineering degree programmes which these agencies accredit.


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ENAEE Membership

The benefits of belonging to ENAEE are that is the access to international networking and an opportunity to shape further engineering education development.

ENAEE Members

ENAEE Members are organisations concerned with Engineering Education and/or Profession, and in particular with accreditation. There are two membership categories: full members and associate members.
ENAEE has currently 20 full members and 8 associate members (status 01/2023)






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Authorised Agencies

Agencies authorised by ENAEE to award the EUR-ACE® label together with its own accreditation (while taking into account differing national legislation)