1st ENAEE Annual Conference 2012

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EUR-ACE®, the European Quality Label for Engineering Degree Programmes: Current Experiences and Perspectives
Porto,  12-13 November 2012

“EUR-ACE® – The European Quality Label for Engineering Degree Programmes – Experiences and Perspectives” was held at Universidade do Porto, Faculdade do Engenharia, Portugal, on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th November 2012

CONFERENCE PROGRAMME (status 5 November 2012)



Denis Mc Grath:  Introduction

Denis McGrath, Chair of the ENAEE Promotion Committee welcomed delegates and speakers to the First ENAEE Conference. He welcomed in particular, those who had travelled from distant countries such as Taipei, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore. He then introduced the speakers in the first session commencing with the address of Dr Iring Wasser, President of ENAEE.

Iring Wasser, ENAEE President: Opening Address [ Linked Files: | PowerPoint |

Part 1: Contributions from ENAEE

José Vieira: Accreditation of Study Programmes in Engineering in Portugal: Challenges for the EUR-ACE Label (Keynote Lecture)
[ Linked Files: Slides PDF ]

E. Payzin, B. E. Platin: A decade of experience on outcome based accreditation: still a long way to go
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S. Gerasimov et al.: AEER accreditation criteria: quality assurance of engineering program learning outcomes
[ Linked Files: Text File ]

T. Sanchez, B.Remaud et al.: A collaboration between AEQES and CTI for the joint evaluation and EUR-ACE accreditation of long cycle engineering programmes in the French community of Belgium
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A. Squarzoni et al.: QUACING Approach to EUR-ACE Accreditation
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I. Curtu et al.: A case study : the way of the Romanian Agency ARACIS to the authorization to award EUR-ACE label
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A. Chuchalin, E. Yatkina: Accreditation of Engineering Programmes taking into account Profiles and Specializations
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I. Freeston: Where is the Forefront in Accredited Engineering Education?
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Part 2:  Contributions to EUR-ACE

O.V. Boev, M.S. Tayurskaya: EUR-ACE Standards as a Framework for Curriculum Design: the ECDEAST Project
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K. Holm, A.Nurkka: FINHEEC and EUR-ACE accreditation: making up a quality palette.
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D. Seddon: UK engineering degree accreditation: the Engineering Doctorate
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C.Borri, E.Guberti et al.: Focusing the gap between Teaching Profile and Professional Skills
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Part 3: European experiences

A. Costa et al.: CDIO contributions to EUR-ACE certification at ISEP
[ Linked Files: Text File  | PDF ]

E. Londers et al.: ACQA as an Instrument for Self-Assessment: Experiences at the Faculty of Engineering Science at KU Leuven
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J. P. Ponciano: Promoting mobility and employability by harmonising engineering programmes accreditation criteria
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E. Varella: Quality Labels for Interdisciplinary Studies Related to Chemistry
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Part 4: The global scene

Basil Wakelin: Accreditation and Competence in the Context of World Wide Engineering Mobility – the International Engineering Alliance Experience (Keynote Lecture)
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Tan Kay Chuan et al.: The ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance Journey: Challenges and Lessons Learned
[ Linked Files:  PowerPoint ]

H. Hanrahan: Conceptual Model for Professional Competence and its Educational Foundation for Engineer and Engineering Technologist Roles
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G.Augusti: Final Notes:
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Top Engineering Schools | Engineering Universities Europe ENAEE

Top Engineering Schools | Engineering Universities Europe ENAEE