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Academic Engineer Accreditation Programmes

18-19 October 2017, BE-Leuven

“Challenges, Perspectives and Good Practice in Engineering Degree Programme Accreditation


Plenary Session 1: Good practice in EUR-ACE label programme accreditation – Moderator Dr. Erbil Payzin, MÜDEK – presentation

  • Prof. Lucien Bollaert, International QA expert: The challenges of IQA and EQA of engineering programmes: from international profile to new ways of enhancement and accountability – presentation
  • Prof. Hans-Joachim Bargstädt, ASIIN, Bauhaus University Weimar, President of 4Ing: Challenges and future developments in programme accreditation and the EUR-ACE system – presentation

Workshop 1: External programme accreditation: the benefits beyond the EUR-ACE label

  • Prof. Birgül Tantekin Ersolmaz, MÜDEK – presentation

Workshop 2: EUR-ACE programme outcomes in relation to national standards &requirements – Moderator Prof. David Cleland, EngC

Workshop 3: ‘Lean’ accreditation procedures: adjustment to the purpose, use of synergies – Moderator Mr. Günter Heitmann, ASIIN/SEFI

Plenary Session 2: EUR-ACE outcome standards and appropriate evidence of achievement – Moderator Prof. Bernard Remaud, ENAEE President

  • Prof. Bernard Remaud, ENAEE President – presentation
  • Dr. Rita Falcão  Berredo, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, TALOE project – presentation

Workshop 4: Assessment plans: performance indicators for achieved programme aims and outcomes – Moderator Prof. Cyril Burkley, EI

Workshop 5: Achievement and assessment of complex learning outcomes – example: the CDIO approach – Moderator Prof. Ian Freeston

Workshop 6: Work-integrated and project-based learning and competence assessment – Moderator Dr. Jean-Claude Arditti, CTI

Plenary Session 3: Challenges and perspectives for future EUR-ACE label programme accreditation – Moderator Prof. Claudio Borri, UNIFI

Workshop 7: Transnational and cross-border EUR-ACE label programme accreditation – Moderator Prof. José-Carlos Quadrado, ISEP

Workshop 8: Dealing with heterogeneous learning environment (work-based learning, E-learning, prior and experiential learning) in programme accreditation – Moderator Prof. Anne-Marie Jolly, SEFI, CTI

  • Dr. Malcolm Booth, Aston University, EngC – presentation

Workshop 9: How can the reputation and recognition of the EUR-ACE label and programme accreditation be increased at national and transnational level – Moderator Prof. Guillermo Calleja, ANECA

Final Session: Chair Prof. Giuliano Augusti, QUACING

16-17 September 2013, BE-Leuven

“EUR-ACE, the European Quality Label for Engineering Degree Programmes: Impact and Perspectives”


  • Iring Wasser, ENAEE: Welcome and Introcuction to ENAEE and EUR-ACE – Presentation
  • Andrew Wo, Washington Accord: New Developments at the International Engineering Alliance and within Asia – Presentation, Paper
  • Hu Hanrahan, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa: Toward Global Recognition of Engineering Qualifications Accredited in Different Systems – Paper, Presentation
  • Giuliano Augusti, QUACING, Italy: New Markets for EUR-ACE: the QUEECA (Central Asia) and QUEENA (North Africa) Projects – Paper, Presentation
  • Raffaella Ocone, Royal Academy of Engineers/Heriot Watt University, Scotland: Ethical Reasoning in the Engineering Curriculum – Abstract, Presentation
  • Manuel Moreu Munaiz, IIE, Spain: The Professionals Involvement in the Accreditation of Engineering Studies – Paper, Presentation
  • Isabelle Caradot, EI-CESI, France: Education of Engineers by Apprenticeship: Review of the French Experience – Abstract
  • Lesley Wilson, EUA: Quality Assurance Systems in Europe: Recent Developments – a EUA and EQAR Perspective – presentation
  • Manfred Hampe, TU Darmstadt, Germany: 1st EEDC, 4ING and SEFI Workshop on the Different Engineering Doctorates in Europe
  • Gerd Conrads, Academy of Industrial Engineering, Germany: Preparing Engineers Graduates for Leadership – Presentation
  • Anne Marie Jolly, Polytech Orleans/CTI, France: Developing Quality Process in Accreditation Agencies to Support the Development of Quality of HEIs: The Case of CTI – Paper, Presentation
  • Alexander Gromov, AEER, Russia: Accreditation of Engineering Programmes in Russia
  • Enrica Caporali, UNIFI, Italy: Accreditation of Environmental Engineering Education at the School of Engineering, UNIFI – Paper, Presentation
  • Martin Molzahn, ASIIN: What does the EUR-ACE Bachelor and Master label stay for? – Abstract, Presentation
  • Bohdan Macukow, KAUT, Poland: Engineering Education in Poland, KAUT Road to EUR-ACE System – Paper, Presentation
  • Rafael Van Grieken, ANECA, Spain: Developing Programme Accreditation and EUR-ACE in Spain – Presentation, Paper
  • Ian Freeston, ENAEE: Programme Outcomes and International Recognition of Engineering Programmes, Presentation


12-13 November 2012, PT-Porto

Denis Mc Grath:  Introduction

Denis McGrath, Chair of the ENAEE Promotion Committee welcomed delegates and speakers to the First ENAEE Conference. He welcomed in particular, those who had travelled from distant countries such as Taipei, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore. He then introduced the speakers in the first session commencing with the address of Dr Iring Wasser, President of ENAEE.

Iring Wasser, ENAEE President: Opening Address [ Linked Files: | PowerPoint |

Part 1: Contributions from ENAEE

José Vieira: Accreditation of Study Programmes in Engineering in Portugal: Challenges for the EUR-ACE Label (Keynote Lecture) [ Linked Files: Slides PDF ]

E. Payzin, B. E. Platin: A decade of experience on outcome based accreditation: still a long way to go [ Linked Files: Text File | PowerPoint | PDF ]

S. Gerasimov et al.: AEER accreditation criteria: quality assurance of engineering program learning outcomes [ Linked Files: Text File ]

T. Sanchez, B.Remaud et al.: A collaboration between AEQES and CTI for the joint evaluation and EUR-ACE accreditation of long cycle engineering programmes in the French community of Belgium [ Linked Files: Text File | PowerPoint ]

A. Squarzoni et al.: QUACING Approach to EUR-ACE Accreditation [ Linked Files: Text File ]

I. Curtu et al.: A case study : the way of the Romanian Agency ARACIS to the authorization to award EUR-ACE label [ Linked Files: Text File | PowerPoint ]

A. Chuchalin, E. Yatkina: Accreditation of Engineering Programmes taking into account Profiles and Specializations [ Linked Files: Text File | PowerPoint ]

I. Freeston: Where is the Forefront in Accredited Engineering Education? [ Linked Files: Text File | PowerPoint ]

Part 2:  Contributions to EUR-ACE

O.V. Boev, M.S. Tayurskaya: EUR-ACE Standards as a Framework for Curriculum Design: the ECDEAST Project [ Linked Files: Text File |

K. Holm, A.Nurkka: FINHEEC and EUR-ACE accreditation: making up a quality palette.
[ Linked Files: Text File | PowerPoint ] D. Seddon: UK engineering degree accreditation: the Engineering Doctorate
[ Linked Files: Text File | PowerPoint ]

C.Borri, E.Guberti et al.: Focusing the gap between Teaching Profile and Professional Skills [ Linked Files: Text File | PDF ]

Part 3: European experiences

A. Costa et al.: CDIO contributions to EUR-ACE certification at ISEP [ Linked Files: Text File  | PDF ]

E. Londers et al.: ACQA as an Instrument for Self-Assessment: Experiences at the Faculty of Engineering Science at KU Leuven [ Linked Files: Text File |  PDF ]

J. P. Ponciano: Promoting mobility and employability by harmonising engineering programmes accreditation criteria [ Linked Files: Text File PowerPoint | PDF ]

E. Varella: Quality Labels for Interdisciplinary Studies Related to Chemistry [ Linked Files: Text File | PowerPoint |

Part 4: The global scene

Basil Wakelin: Accreditation and Competence in the Context of World Wide Engineering Mobility – the International Engineering Alliance Experience (Keynote Lecture) [ Linked Files: Text File | PowerPoint ]

Tan Kay Chuan et al.: The ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance Journey: Challenges and Lessons Learned
[ Linked Files:  PowerPoint ]

H. Hanrahan: Conceptual Model for Professional Competence and its Educational Foundation for Engineer and Engineering Technologist Roles [ Linked Files: Text File | PDF ]

G.Augusti: Final Notes: [ Linked Files: Text File  ]



Other Papers

International Conference on Engineering & Business Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
18-21 October 2012, RO-Sibiu
“Subject-Specific Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Engineering Education in Europe”
by Prof. Giuliano Augusti  Download

International Symposium on Innovation and Quality in Engineering Education
26-28 April 2012, ES-Valladolid
“Quality and Accreditation in Engineering Education in Europe”
by Prof. Giuliano Augusti  Download

WEC2011 – World Engineers’ Convention, Geneva, 4-9 Sept 2011

A Session promoted by ENAEE with the collaboration of IFEES

a) Agenda of the ENAEE Session
ENAEE Session at WEC 2011_7Sept_Final Pr
Adobe Acrobat Document [449.7 KB]

b) Engineering Education going global: Academic networking and international cooperation to face grand challenges on renewable (wind) energy resources
Prof. Claudio Borri, University of Florence, School of Engineering
20110907 WEC Geneva Borri.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [4.7 MB]

c) How are quality systems (accreditation) in higher education coping with global warming issues?
Prof. Dr.Ekrem Ekinci, ITU Dept. of Chemical Engineering
20110907 WEC Geneva Ekinci.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [701.7 KB]

d) Enhance Engineers to Professionals and Understand the Relevance of Accreditation
Dr. Ing. J W Proper, NHTV University Breda
20110907 WEC Geneva Proper.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [2.4 MB]

e) EUR-ACE Implementation in Switzerland
Cindy Eggs, Fernfachhochschule Schweiz
20110907 WEC Geneva Eggs.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [86.4 KB]

f) Educating Engineers for Sustainable Progress: The Relevance of Accreditation
Prof R Natarajan, former All India Council for Technical Education
20110907 WEC Geneva Natarajan.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [351.0 KB]

Presentation at the INQAAHE 2011 Conference in Madrid 4-7 April 2011

EUR-ACE: A System of Accreditation of Engineering Programmes Allowing National Variants (G. Augusti, J. Birch, E. Payzin)
Pres Augusti Birch Payzin at INQAAHE Apr 2011
Adobe Acrobat Document [59.2 KB]

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference GLOBAL COOPERATION IN ENGINEERING EDUCATION, Kaunas, Lithuania, 7-8 October 2010

Field-Specific Quality Assurance and Qualification Frameworks: Effects on Engineering Education (G.Augusti, S.Feyo de Azevedo)
Publication_Augusti Feyo – GCEE 2010.pd
Adobe Acrobat Document [118.8 KB]

Proceedings of the Third International Conference GLOBAL COOPERATION IN ENGINEERING EDUCATION, Kaunas, Lithuania, 1-3 October 2009

Spreading the EUR-ACE® Accreditation System of Engineering Education: Current Status and Perspectives (G.Augusti)
G.Augusti Spreading EUR-ACE- Proc.GCEE 2
Adobe Acrobat Document [119.3 KB]

EUR-ACE: The European Engineering System of Engineering Education and Its Global Context (Giuliano Augusti)

“Engineering Education Quality Assurance. A Global Perspective”
Arun S. Patil and Peter J. Gray (Editors); Springer, 2009; pp.41-49, ISBN 978-1-4419-0554-3

4th ENAEE General Assembly and Workshop “Overarching and Sectoral Frameworks at the European and the Global Scale”, Brussels, 22 January 2009

1. President’s report (G.Augusti)
Adobe Acrobat Document [57.9 KB]

2. High level Qualifications Frameworks and the EUR-ACE® Framework Standards: do they fit together? (S.Feyo de Azevedo)
Adobe Acrobat Document [372.9 KB]

3. Slides (S.Feyo de Azevedo)
Adobe Acrobat Document [549.8 KB]

4. Progressing Towards Global Standards in Engineering Education (I.Freeston)
Adobe Acrobat Document [83.8 KB]

ASEE Global Colloquium on Engineering Education, Capetown, October 2008

European Accreditation of Engineering Education: setting up a system in the global context (G.Augusti)
Paper presented at the Augusti_ASEE_GC_paper.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [88.5 KB]

Presentations at the SEFI Deans Conference “Special Challenges in Engineering Education”, Berlin, 24-26 February 2008 (EUR-ACE® Session)

1. Introduction ENAEE & EUR-ACE® (G.Augusti)
Adobe Acrobat Document [1.4 MB]

2. PRO-EAST – Promotion and Implementation of the EUR-ACE® Standards in Russia (O.Boev & A.Chuchalin)
Adobe Acrobat Document [462.6 KB]

3. EUR-ACE® Framework Standards for First and Second Cycle Degrees (I.Freeston)
Adobe Acrobat Document [932.0 KB]

4. MÜDEK (Engineering Program Accreditation Agency of Turkey) and EUR-ACE® (E.Payzin)
Adobe Acrobat Document [236.0 KB]

5. EUR-ACE® labelling: first achievements and difficulties (I.Wasser)
Adobe Acrobat Document [1.4 MB]

Paper presented at the 2nd European Quality Assurance Forum, Universita “La Sapienza”, Roma, 16 November 2007

Accreditation of Engineering Programmes as a tool to assure Academic Quality and relevance for the job market (G. Augusti, I. Freeston, G. Heitmann, R.-P. Martin)
Adobe Acrobat Document [95.9 KB]

Workshop on “Scientific & Technical Education and the Bologna Process” held on 14 November 2007 at the Facoltà di Ingegneria, Università La Sapienza, Roma

Technical Education from London to Leuven/Louvain-La-Neuve and beyond (Summary) (S.Feyo de Azevedo)
Adobe Acrobat Document [64.5 KB]

Slides (S.Feyo de Azevedo)
Adobe Acrobat Document [8.1 MB]

European Journal of Engineering Education, Volume 32 Issue 3, June 2007

Accreditation of engineering programmes: European perspectives and challenges in a global context (G.Augusti)
Adobe Acrobat Document [95.1 KB]


Engineering Education Quality Assurance: A Global Perspective

Springer Book (A chapter of this book describes EUR-ACE®)

Patil and Gray Engineering Education Quality Assurance

Adobe Acrobat Document [288.9 KB] Download

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