1. IETEC’17, 4-6 December 2017

    Share:FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitterCall for Papers and Contribution 4th International Engineering and Technical Education Conference (IETEC’17) Hanoi, Vietnam; 4-6 December 2017  http://ietec.apaqa.org/ Under the theme Engineering and Technology Education Quality Assurance: Embracing the Future See for more information here
  2. Next ENAEE Meetings

    Share:FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitter2017 ENAEE LC Meetings: 17 October 2017, 12.00-18.00 hrs, Leuven ENAEE AC Meetings: 20 November 2017, 14.00-18.00 hrs, location tbd ENAEE General Assemby: 21 November 2017, 10.00-16.00 hrs, location tbc 1st ENAEE Members’ Forum: 18-19 October 2017, KU Leuven, Belgium