Projects supported by the EU


Building, implementing and spreading the system – EU-funded projects

The start-up of the EUR-ACE® system has been supported by the European Commission through the following projects financed by the DG “Education and Culture”:

1. Under the Socrates and Tempus programmes:

EUR-ACE®: European Accredited Engineer (April 2004 -March 2006)


2. Under the Socrates programme:

EUR-ACE® IMPLEMENTATION (Sept.2006 -Aug. 2008)


3. Under the Tempus-Tacis programme:

PRO-EAST: PROmotion and implementation of the EUR-ACE® STandards (in Russia) (Oct.2006 – Nov.2007)


4. Under the Life-Long-Learning programme:

EUR-ACE® SPREAD (Nov.2008 – Oct. 2010)


5. Under the TEMPUS-Meda programme:

LEPAC: Creation of a Lebanese Engineering Programs Accreditation Commission (2006 – 08)


6. Under the Life-Long-Learning programme:

ENAEE participates in the Academic Network for EUropean and Global ENgineering Education (EUGENE). The EUGENE Network aims at improving the impact of European Engineering Education (EE) on competitiveness, innovation and socio-economic growth in a global context. (Nov.2009 – Present).




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