Administrative Council

The ENAEE (European Network for Engineering Accreditation) Administrative Council (AC) consists of no nine persons, normally elected by the General Assembly for three years.

Its main tasks are to

  • Consider and decide on recommendations from the various committees,
  • manage the activities of ENAEE and
  • make proposals to the General Assembly about policies, membership, and financial issues.

ENAEE is led by a President, two Vice-presidents and a Treasurer, who are also members of the Administrative Council.

The President is elected for a term of two years by the GA from among the candidates proposed by the full members of ENAEE. The President can be re-elected only once.

There will be nine AC members. Each AC member is elected for a period of three years and can be re-elected only once.

1/3 of the AC members are replaced every year.

The Treasurer is elected by the AC from amongst its members. The Treasurer is elected for three years.

The Vice-Presidents are nominated by the Administrative Council from amongst its members upon proposal by the President and their tenure is three years. The Vice President position is defined in the Statutes (i.e. no longer in the Bylaws).

Provisions for appointing a Secretary General (if and when needed) are introduced, both in the Statutes and Bylaws.

Members of the Administrative Council and President (status 10/2018)

Prof. Dr. Bernard REMAUD (President)
Mr. Dirk BOCHAR (Vice-President)
Mr. Denis McGRATH (Vice President)
Mr. Michael BRIDGEFOOT (Treasurer)
Prof. Dr. Yolande BERBERS
Mr. Lars FUNK
Prof. Dr. José Luis TEJERA OLIVER
Prof. Dr. Alfredo SQUARZONI

Incoming AC Members

(election tbd on 22/11/2018)

Previous AC Members

Mr. Ralph APPEL (03/2014 until 11/2017)
Prof. Dr. Claudio BORRI (02/2012 until 12/2017)
Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie JOLLY (01/2016 until 12/2017)
Dr. Rafael FERNANDEZ ALLER (until 02/2015)
Mrs. Francoise COME (until 31/12/2015)
Mr. Juhani NOKELA (Treasurer, until 31/12/2015)

Members of the Administrative Council and President (April 2012 – March 2014)
Dr. Iring WASSER (President)
Prof. Dr. Claudio BORRI
Mrs. Francoise COME
Mr. Denis McGRATH
Mr. Juhani NOKELA
Dr. Ahmed Erbil PAYZIN
Prof. Dr. Yuri POKHOLKOV
Prof. Dr. Bernard REMAUD
Prof. Dr. Alfredo SQUARZONI

Members of the previous Administrative Council (2009 – 2012)Prof. Dr. Giuliano AUGUSTI (President)
Prof. Dr. Sebastiao FEYO DE AZEVEDO (Vice President)
Dr. Iring WASSER (Vice President)
Mr. Philippe WAUTERS (Treasurer)
Prof. Dr. Alexander CHUCHALIN
Dr. Erbil PAYZIN

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