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The EUR-ACE® Label Committee (LC) is composed of one representative of each accreditation agency authorised to award the EUR-ACE® label.

The Chair of the LC is nominated by the Members of the Committee and appointed by the Administrative Council.

At its meeting held on 13th September 2012, the Administrative Council decided that candidates for election to membership of the Label Committee must have the following qualifications,

–    An engineering or engineering-related qualification,
–    Fluency in English,
–    Extensive experience as an evaluator on audit teams accrediting engineering degree programmes,
–    Should be professionally active within or hold office in a professional or academic engineering organisation.

The role of the Label Committee

The role of the LC is to make recommendations to the Administrative Council of ENAEE in relation to the granting to accreditation agencies, (which accredit engineering programmes in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)) the right to award the EUR-ACE® label to engineering education programmes that those agencies accredit.

Click here for Terms of Reference of LC.

Current members of the LC (status May 2019)

  •  Prof. Bohdan Macukow, KAUT, Poland (Chair)
  •  Prof. Timur Dogu, MUDEK, Turkey
  •  TBC, FINEEC, Finland. Contact person: Marja-Liisa Saarilammi
  •  Prof. Alfredo Squarzoni, QUACING, Italy
  •  Prof. Jacques Bersier, AAQ, Switzerland
  •  Prof. Cyril Burkley, Engineers Ireland, Ireland
  •  Prof. Guillermo Calleja, ANECA-IIE, Spain
  •  Prof. David Cleland, EngC, United Kingdom
  •  Prof. Sergey Gerasimov, AEER, Russia
  •  Prof. Manfred Krafczyk, ASIIN, Germany
  •  Prof. Anne-Marie Jolly, CTI, France
  •  Prof. Simona Lache, ARACIS, Romania
  •  Mr. Pedro Meda Magalhaes, Ordem dos Engenheiros, Portugal
  • TBC, KazSEE, Kazakhstan
  • TBC, ZSVTS, Slovakia

To contact the Label Committee, please email the LC Secretariat, Mrs Rita Heissner, at


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