EUR-ACE® Label Authorisation Process

EUR-ACE® Label Authorisation Process
ENAEE carries out its mission by evaluating quality assurance and accreditation agencies in respect of their standards and procedures when accrediting engineering degree programmes.
Those agencies which satisfy ENAEE in respect of these matters are authorised by ENAEE to award the EUR-ACE® labels to the engineering degree programmes which they accredit.
Authorisation to award the EUR-ACE® label may be granted both to
(a) accreditation agencies, within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), dealing only with the accreditation of engineering programmes, and
(b) quality assurance agencies, within the EHEA, which deal with institutional reviews and accreditation of programmes in engineering and other academic disciplines.
The EUR-ACE® Framework Standards and Guidelines describe the standards and guidelines which apply to engineering programmes to be accredited for the award of the EUR-ACE Label and for agencies applying for authorisation or re-authorisation to award the EUR-ACE® label.
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