Benefits for engineering students and graduates

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The EUR-ACE® framework and accreditation system provides a set of standards that identifies high quality engineering degree programmes in Europe and abroad.

The EUR-ACE® system incorporates the views and perspectives of the main stakeholders (students, higher education institutions, employers, professional organisations and accreditation agencies).

What are the benefits of EUR-ACE®?

The EUR-ACE® system is internationally recognised and facilitates both academic and professional mobility.

Benefits for students & engineering graduates

  • Assurance that the EUR-ACE®labelled programme meets high European and international standards and is recognised by employers in Europe
  • Facilitates application to EUR-ACE® Master and doctoral programmes in other Higher Education Institutions
  • In countries where the engineering profession is regulated, EUR-ACE®labelled programmes meet the educational requirements for becoming a Registered or chartered engineer.
  • The EUR-ACE® label facilitates graduate mobility as promoted by the EU Directive on Recognition of Professional Qualification.
  • The EUR-ACE® label is the educational standard for the professional card as promoted by FEANI.
  • FEANI automatically includes EUR-ACE® labelled programmes in its Index which lists educational requirements for the Eur Ing title.

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