EUR-ACE® system

EUR-ACE® is the European quality label for engineering degree programmes at Bachelor and Master level.

EUR-ACE® is a framework and accreditation system that provides a set of standards that identifies high-quality engineering degree programmes in Europe and abroad.

The EUR-ACE® label is a certificate awarded by an authorised agency to a HEI (Higher Education Institution) in respect of each engineering degree programme which it has accredited.

How does the EUR-ACE® system work?  in Europe. 

The EUR-ACE® system incorporates the views and perspectives of the main stakeholders (students, higher education institutions, employers, professional organisations and accreditation agencies).

Professions such as engineering, medicine, architecture and others carry out work which directly affects the lives of the public.

In order to assure the public that these actions and decisions are carried out safely and ethically, graduates must possess specific competencies.

To ensure that engineering education programmes produce graduates who can demonstrate satisfactory achievement of these competencies, they are subject to accreditation by their professional body or another accreditation agency which carries out programme-based accreditation.

What engineering programmes can get a EUR-ACE® label? 

Engineering programmes that have been accredited by a EUR-ACE® authorised agency can be awarded the EUR-ACE® label.

Characteristics of the EUR-ACE® label: n Europe. 

  • It encompasses all engineering disciplines and profiles, is internationally recognised and facilitates both academic and professional mobility.
  • It gives international value and recognition to engineering qualifications and is awarded to programmes which fulfil the programme outcome standards as specified in the EUR-ACE® Framework Standards.
  • It respects the great diversity of engineering education within the European Higher Education Area and,
  • has created a quality system for accredited engineering degree programmes that share common objectives and outlooks.

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