1. Next Annual Conference

    Share:Conference programme Second Annual Conference EUR-ACE® – The European Quality Label for Engineering Degree Programmes Impact and Perspectives, KU Leuven, Belgium Mon and Tues, 16th/17th September 2013 First Announcement and Call for Papers The second ENAEE Conference will take place in the KU Leuven on Mon/Tues 16th/17th September 2013. It...
  2. Next ENAEE Meetings

    Share:2017 ENAEE LC Meetings: 19 May 2017, Paris (10.00-16.00 hrs) ENAEE AC Meetings: 14-15 March 2017, Brussels 20 June 2017, Brussels 20 November 2017, location tbd   ENAEE General Assemby: 21 November 2017, location tbc ENAEE Members’ Forum: mid/end October 2017 (tbc)